Castlevania Season 3 Episode 8 Review: What the Night Brings

As the season nears its final act, this episode starts to bring our story into even greater focus.

By M.T. Bates

A lot of ground was covered in a very short time during the previous episode of Castlevania Season 3, sans our downtrodden forgemaster Hector and the court of vampire female overlords. Striga and Morana bicker as they try and figure out how to make Carmilla’s scheme work.

There is a lot to consider and manage when it comes to their leader's overall plan and Striga is very aware of this, as she is the military brains behind this operation. Morana comforts her and quells as much of her concerns as possible. In the end, the entire scheme rests on the very capable of shoulders of Lenore, though it would seem Carmilla and Striga both have their doubts.

We haven’t spent any alone time with Taka and Sumi since their introduction this season, though that isn’t the biggest loss. They aren’t the most engaging characters, and their youth and naivety are detriments to their overall development. But their questions begin to grow queer in nature the longer they stay with Alucard.

This episode also picks up right where we left off with Saint Germain as our quick-thinking traveler uses his gift of gab once again to get himself out of a sticky situation. These scenes are such a joy to watch unfold. He is able to manipulate people with nearly no effort, all while playing into directly what Sala wants to hear. At the same time, Trevor and the rest are getting the information they need. Combined with the knowledge Saint Germain now possesses, it all becomes clear, and it obviously isn’t good.

It's been a while since we last saw Hector and it seems his overall relationship with Lenore has grown. The bond between them seems strong as the vampire continues to play to his basic desires and his situation. She is good… very good. She knows the quickest way to man’s heart (well, a human’s heart) is through his pants. She knows just how to get what she wants, but her portrayal is so convincing that Hector doesn’t know what to think of it.

It is almost too convincing, and it's almost impossible to know Lenore's true intentions. She has developed into such a gripping character that oozes charisma and intelligence. To see how the season ends for her might be one of the overall highlights of this season.

The Good

Watching the season unfold for characters such as Saint Germain, Hector, and Lenore continues to be a joy. The writing continues to be strong all around as the stage is nearly set for an action-packed conclusion to Season 3.

The Not-So-Good

Taka and Sumi seem to be fizzling out in terms of the quality of their characters as they pertain to Alucard's journey this season.

Our Score


This is another strong episode leading us into the final two of the season. So many stories are at the precipice of culmination, and that means fans will finally get what they have been craving all season: some good old-fashioned action, in all of its meanings. Armies are being assembled, cities are about to be stormed, and rewards are ready to be given. The last two episodes are upon us and I assure you with the buildup thus far, they are sure to not disappoint.

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