Castlevania Season 3 Episode 6 Review: The Good Dream

Take this episode with a sweet side of psychedelic horror.

By M.T. Bates

Halfway through Castlevania Season 3, there is quite a bit going on with quite a few characters. Since we didn’t spend any of the previous episode with our forgemasters Hector and Isaac, what better way is there to start Episode 6?

Lenore continues her taming of Hector, as the two continue their unlikely bond. It is a bond built on manipulation, but the underhanded tactics do have their privileges. In the end, it is still easy to manipulate someone who has nothing, a caveat I have pointed out before. Hector at this point has no options left for him, so accepting that slightest bit of patronage and affection seems like the best way to better his situation, even if in the end it all ends up being a lie.

Trevor and Sypha try to figure out Saint Germain as they come to the conclusion that his intentions aren’t malevolent. They even begin to connect some dots and see various similarities between him and someone else they know. His knowledge will be key to unraveling the mystery of the priory, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t having his own issues.

Saint Germain's goal has been clear for some time now and while he is a hyper-focused individual, he is plagued by his past. A glaring look into the psyche of the character happens to be the kind of scene that brings his situation into perspective as he yearns for his yesteryears because of what he had and lost. It’s a deep scene (and a trippy one) in which he lets it all hang out. His emotions are at their peak, and it is likely because he is so close to his goal.

Isaac has had quite a few interesting interactions thus far this season, so why should this episode be any different? A wise man who indeed loves to converse, as proven by previous episodes, finds one among his ranks to quell his curiosity. It’s a standout scene for sure, and possibly one of the most interesting as well. Isaac has a way of drawing you in as he speaks this season.

It would seem he is still battling an inner conflict as he continues to see the good and kindness of humans, while also being fueled by raw hatred. The conversation would seem to help favor Isaac’s hatred for humankind more, but it is possible there might be a deeper meaning behind the words of his creation. Truly a wonderful scene to close out the episode.

The Good

The mystery continues to unravel in a stronger episode full of interesting lore and character development across all of our major players.

The Not-So-Good

Like many previous episodes, the action and monster-slaying takes a major backseat this time around, though only some viewers may take issue with that.

Our Score


This is a very strong episode filled with a bit of lore and plenty of character development. You won’t even notice there isn’t a lick of action or monster-slaying and that is what captivating writing is supposed to do. The vampire quartet continues to play the long game with Hector as Isaac tries to clear his mind before continuing his quest. The Lindenfeld story arc is coming to a head, as things feel like they are going to boil over very soon.

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