Castlevania Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Worse Things Than Betrayal

The endgame of this season finally looms into view with this fast-paced episode pushing the story forward.

By M.T. Bates

The seventh episode of Castlevania Season 3 starts with Alucard, and I really love when they do that; it just feels so appropriate somehow. Taka and Sumi’s training continues as they gaze upon the Belmont Hold, the ultimate repository of all things related to monster slaying. Taka really shows his age in the foolish eagerness of what he says, but Alucard takes it in stride and never bats an eye. He relishes in the fact that he is passing on knowledge and his teachings.

Back in Lindenfeld, the Judge surveys his town in the early hours of the morning as Saint Germain makes his way to the priory and his pile of books to continue moving towards his goal. Coming across an old book that one wouldn’t normally find in a church, he grows even more concerned about the inner workings of the priory and what exactly is going on. He knows something is definitely wrong, but he is not certain what Sala’s endgame is.

Isaac, on the other hand, sure does have a penchant for coming across chatty individuals throughout his journey. An interesting character who bares some resemblance to a reoccurring character from the second Castlevania game, a fellow practitioner named Miranda tells her story and offers a fair warning of what’s to come, but also offers some solid advice as to how to handle it all. It's a fantastic interaction, as it always is when Isaac is on screen.

Our simple man, Trevor, finally gets to let loose a bit as he and Sypha continue their investigation for the Judge. Sypha continues her know-it-all ways as she deduces what could be a certain disaster for the town, though it doesn’t take much longer for Saint Germain to come across a grim discovery that doesn’t bode well for anyone, as more questions are raised than answered.

The Good

It is starting to become apparent what this little pit stop in Lindenfeld means for our slate of characters. Elsewhere, interesting journeys continue with even more interesting dialogue and storytelling.

The Not-So-Good

This episode doesn't feature any progression for Hector and moves ahead at a breakneck pace, but we are nearing the endgame now so that's only fitting.

Our Score


This episode is very fast-paced compared to previous ones, as a lot of ground is covered with all but Hector. We are at the tail end of the season and it is clear that certain aspects had to be rushed slightly, but it rarely takes away from the overall story.

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