Castlevania Season 3 Episode 4 Review: I Have a Scheme

Schemers are scheming as character arcs continue to unfold.

By M.T. Bates

The fourth episode of Castlevania Season 3 kicks off with a look at Alucard as he begins to readjust to having companions again. His profound sadness is still at the forefront, but it is Taka and Sumi who take center stage. Diving into their past, we learn of their struggles and how they bided their time to break away from their vampire overlord, Cho. Alucard listens to their sad story and feels it is his job to further enhance their teachings, perhaps as atonement for his own past sins and transgressions, but he nonetheless agrees to train them.

Morana and Striga have a moment to themselves, both on a personal level and a business level. The two vampire lords we haven’t yet spent any real time with talk amongst themselves in both delight and minor annoyance at the power Carmilla holds over them, as well as the respect they have for her ability to do so. It’s a great little back-and-forth scene that gives these two more minor characters some depth moving forward, as it seems they have more to gain (and lose) from Carmilla’s scheming than anyone else.

Saint Germain begins his residency at the priory and his story really begins at this point as the madness of Prior Sala begins to shine through. A truly unsettling conversation between the two takes place, giving Saint Germain much-needed information about what lies before him.

While this is going on, Trevor and Sypha skulk around outside the priory gathering their own information, only to be met with hostility. A bit of dialogue reveals nothing on the surface, but Sypha is a wise woman and with her keen eyes is able to back the monks into a proverbial corner that sets them on edge. A clever move, but also possibly a dangerous one.

Lenore is good at what she does and decides to play a little game of questions with Hector. She begins to appeal to his human desire for basic needs, which gives her the information she requires to further pursue the forgemaster. Using promises Hector has heard before to further gain his trust doesn’t seem like the best route to take, even if the promises are actually true, but stroking his ego in such a flirty manner while offering simple goods in return can wear even the strong-willed down. However, it doesn’t take much to win over a man who has literally nothing.

We don’t spend much time with Isaac this episode as he arrives on the shores of Genoa, and it is more of the same. As one being is able to restore a piece of his faith, it doesn’t take long for someone else to wipe it out again. It’s a vicious circle that doesn’t seem like it will subside for the weary forgemaster any time soon, but the man is nothing if not determined. He has his goal in mind and won't be deterred.

The Good

Most of the story arcs continue to be filled with plenty of depth and intrigue, even for minor characters of the show. The overall fantastic writing and dialogue is making this a strong season.

The Not-So-Good

As with previous episodes, some viewers may not enjoy the shift away from action in favor of more character and story development.

Our Score


This is a very strong episode that again is dialogue- and lore-driven. Never has the lack of action and creature slaying felt like a misstep this season, as the wonderfully crafted writing continues to suck viewers in. Nonetheless, we are approaching the point in the season when things are going to start moving faster with higher intensity.

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