New Trailer for The Last of Us Part II Reveals February 2020 Release Date

Ellie is gearing up for revenge with a familiar face in the latest footage from the highly-anticipated title from Naughty Dog.

By Chris Morse

The speculation on when we'll finally get to play The Last of Us Part II can finally be put to rest with the latest trailer reveal for the game, which has officially announced its February 21st, 2020 release date. The rumors and purported leaks were fun while they lasted, but we suspect everybody will be happy to finally mark a definite date on their calendars for this much-anticipated title.

Featuring a blend of cinematics and gameplay, the new footage picks up a little after where the first trailer left us off, the day after Ellie shares a kiss with Dina as a number of survivors are gearing up to embark into the wilderness. The situation gets complicated fast for the young lovers as Dina goes missing and Ellie sets out to find her. This endeavor ends in apparent tragedy as we next see our protagonist preparing to take her revenge against the advice of those around her.

We get a glimpse of Tommy, brother of the first game's main protagonist Joel, who is trying to convince Ellie to stay put and live to fight another day. The trailer then takes us through the ruined apocalyptic world once more, showing off a mix of new and familiar enemies, some still human and some not. Finally, we get our first glimpse at an aging Joel, who takes Ellie by surprise with one simple question, "You think I'd let you do this on your own?" Hell yes.

The excitement for this one is undeniable considering how well-received the first game was, so we won't fault you if you want to rewatch this trailer a few times to bask in the hype. In fact, this is as good of a time as any to replay the first game and the bonus announcement of The Last of Us Remastered being available as one of October's free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers comes at just the right time. There's no reason not to add (or re-add) this one to your collection next month!

Otherwise, we'll be right here with all the latest news and updates on The Last of Us Part II from now until the February 21st, 2020 release date is finally upon us. Stay tuned!

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