Gamescom Gameplay for Maneater is Pure Jaws-Style Carnage

Sink your teeth into twelve minutes of footage from the upcoming title.

By L.B. Lubomski

At this past week’s Gamescom event, developer Tripwire Interactive (best known for Killing Floor 2) got together with IGN to showcase gameplay from its upcoming open-world killer shark game, Maneater. The roughly twelve-minute video shows what the game will be all about, allowing players to live out their ultimate Jaws fantasy by attacking and eating everything in sight. As your shark consumes more and bigger prey, it will be able to evolve, unlocking new customization abilities and becoming even deadlier.

The Maneater demo shown at Gamescom was quite promising with the coolest part being the varied environments that can be explored. For example, one area consisted of lake littered with dead bodies being weighted down to the bottom. Shortly after entering a sewage pipe in this same lake, the player shark comes face-to-face with a giant alligator! There’s way more on offer in this title than just the ocean with shipwrecks, swamps, and more are all available to explore.


Maneater is already available for pre-order on the Epic Games Store for $39.99. It is currently listed as being available sometime in 2019, although a solid release date has not yet been established. What are your thoughts on this open-world shark murder simulator?

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