Season 2 Trailer Arrives for AMC's The Terror: Infamy

The upcoming new series will blend together a dark time in history and the supernatural.

By Chris Morse

The official Season 2 trailer for The Terror: Infamy is here and it paints a grim picture of an equally grim time in history, only with a supernatural twist. The story is set during World War II during a time when Japanese-Americans were locked up at internment camps following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. If that wasn't enough, something more horrific is plaguing an affected community as well.

“[After] the bombing of Pearl Harbor, all Japanese-Americans were rounded up and incarcerated, with no charges, with no trial [or] due process, which is a central pillar of our justice system,” said star George Takei in a chat about the series with EW. “There is the old Japanese literary form called Kaidan, ghost tales, that is fused onto this experience of Japanese-Americans. The people that were imprisoned were highly stressed, and some marriages broke up, some people went crazy, and they overlaid the story of yureis — spirits — and obake — ghosts that possess people.”

The Terror: Infamy will debut on August 12th and is set during World War II, a historically difficult time for Japanese-Americans. A series of bizarre deaths haunt such a community and a young man sets out to discover and fight against whatever malevolent entity is responsible for the killings.

This second season will star Derek Mio (Greek), Kiki Sukezane (Lost in Space), George Takei (Star Trek), Cristina Rodlo (El Vato), Shingo Usami, Naoko Mori (Absolutely Fabulous) and Miki Ishikawa (Hit).

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