Nightbreed's Ultimate Cabal Cut Gets a Second Teaser Trailer

This three-hour version of the Clive Barker classic is really happening.

By Chris Morse

Update: The video has been removed for the time being. We will provide an update when when we find out the latest on this project and why the teaser was pulled.

As we reported late last week, an all-new version of Clive Barker's Nightbreed is on the way and will feature a runtime of over three hours, including never-before-seen footage. The initial announcement of Nightbreed - The Ultimate Cabal Cut included one teaser trailer, but we just received word of a second teaser with even more footage, which we have included for you above.

Released in 1990, the film achieved cult movie status and popularity among Barker’s fans. Nightbreed was based on Clive’s novella, Cabal. He wrote and directed the movie, but soon afterwards was not pleased with the studio-released product, thus compelling him to release his “director’s cut” in 2014.

It seems that this version is an hour longer than the already 120-minute director’s cut, and 30 mins longer than the previously released "Cabal Cut" in 2017, which clocked in at 145 minutes. It is said to have footage of dailies that have been found on old VHS tapes. One has to wonder if the quality of the scenes will be evident once completely spliced together.

Earlier this year, we shared Clive’s updates regarding the TV Series as well as the other projects he is involved with. He informed fans that he was assembling a team to begin planning the long-term narrative of where the series should go.

For a movie that was both a commercial and critical flop, fans have kept Nightbreed alive and relevant 29 years later. With numerous releases in various formats and editions, it wouldn’t be a surprise if both this version of the movie and the TV series are released next year to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Meridian occupants. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

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