The Walking Dead Sneak Peek Previews Alpha and Lydia Reunited

Things aren't looking so comfortable on the trail with the Whisperers.

By Chris Morse

We are nearing the halfway point of The Walking Dead Season 9's second half and tensions seem to have cooled, at least for the time being. This past episode featured Alpha making a formal introduction to the Hilltop community as she sought the return of her daughter, with two hostages of her own in tow. Ultimately, Lydia opted to go back with the Whisperers in a fair trade for the safe return of their hostages, but where does she go from here?

AMC released the above sneak peek at the upcoming episode, showing a little frighteningly awkward mother and daughter time between Alpha and Lydia as they travel alongside walkers and Whisperers alike. Not much is yet explained about why they returned for her, but we don't expect to see this newly reunited family going back to the way things were anytime soon.

For starters, Henry has gone after Lydia with Daryl and Connie close behind, ensuring that we will soon see more confrontation between our survivors and those who do not want others trespassing on their land again. The last confrontation ended without bloodshed, but there's no guarantee the next encounter will play out the same way. In fact, you can bet the next few episodes will be the calm before the storm.

The Walking Dead continues its ninth season Sunday nights on AMC.

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