Latest The Walking Dead Midseason Preview Teases the Story to Come

The Whisperers are all out in the open now.

By Chris Morse

If anybody had any doubts that the second half of The Walking Dead's ninth season would echo the comic series' 23rd volume, Whispers Into Screams, that doubt can be safely put to rest in the latest preview for the upcoming eight episodes. We've already been firmly introduced to the Whisperers, a group of savage survivors who wear walker skin masks to blend in with herds, but this latest preview shows how the group doesn't exclusively stick to the shadows.

In fact, this upcoming conflict often puts this group in direct contact with our survivors and that should give viewers unfamiliar with what's to come a rough idea of where this might be headed. The Whisperers are not just some typical threat that wants to take from others and leave bodies in their wake, but rather there are instead some interesting politics at play when you take communities trying to reestablish civilization and pit them against those who have left that life behind. Throw in a hostage here or a little subterfuge there and you create quite the interesting story.

Although I never imagined Alpha having such a heavily southern accent, it could certainly work given how well this group is adapting to an outdoor, rural lifestyle. Their more primal ways give them at least a hint of a backwoods horror vibe and that could definitely play out in the show's favor if used correctly to build tension. While our communities have walls and running water, the Whisperers have no need for such staples of modern civilization and that makes them all the more dangerous.

The new preview above highlights some of these elements and shows off the leaders a bit more than previous footage did. Fans have probably seen enough by now to be ready to tune in and thankfully we do not have much longer to go. While season nine of The Walking Dead is set to resume on February 10th, AMC Premiere subscribers can apparently watch the midseason premiere a week early on this upcoming Superbowl Sunday, which is February 3rd. Will you be catching it early?

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