Dead Beats: "Let's Get Abducted" by Attila

Do you see the bright lights above?

By L.B. Lubomski

"Let's Get Abducted" by metalcore band Attila is a heavy song with a supernatural twist. It also has the distinction of being the only legitimately good song, in my opinion, off of their 2016 album, Chaos. This release marked a distinct change in the band's style and saw their heavy elements toned down in favor of a more hard rock style, combined with lead singer Fronz's style from his rap-metal side project Fronzilla. Thankfully, the band seems to be heading back to their heavy roots with their upcoming album Villain and recent singles. Regardless, "Let's Get Abducted" is a song worth mentioning.

Lyrically, vocalist Fronz has crafted a straightforward tale of boredom and monotony that is ended when the band is abducted by interstellar travelers from another world. They decide to "go with the flow" and basically party with the aliens with Fronz stating, "I didn't want to like you, but now I'm falling in love. The kind of love you give me is feeling like the drugs."

What you hear is what you get, there's no deeper meaning here. Attila just wants to get abducted. "Put me in your spaceship and take me somewhere new," the song continues. "Get me out of here, riding something new." You can watch this story play out in the official music video above, which is a cool animated short in itself, showing the band driving around in their tour van before being picked up by their alien captors and playing a concert for them.

As previously mentioned, "Let's Get Abducted" is musically the heaviest song off of the Chaos album and features some unique elements, such as the sliding guitar effect during the verse that emulates classic sci-fi sounds. I'm also a huge fan of the delivery of Fronz's lyrics in the verse with his trademark fast style, delivering a plethora of words in quick succession.

Everything else within the song is otherwise on point, from the drums to the killer lead guitar overlay during the chorus. The song definitely succeeds in invoking a supernatural/sci-fi vibe and incorporating it into a heavy tune. It's got a damn catchy main riff that draws you in, even if it's not overly technical in nature.

"Let's Get Abducted" is a fun party song worthy of a listen for any fans of metal and the metalcore genre in particular. I'm very much looking forward to their seventh album, Villain, on February 22nd. Can you see the bright lights above?

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