Dead Beats: “Get Out” by Dance With The Dead

This synthwave band just might be the thing you’re missing in your life.

By Jay Gervais

Dance With The Dead might be a band you’ve heard of already if you’re into electronic music or happened to stumble across them while taking a trip down the rabbit hole that is YouTube when you’re having trouble sleeping. The band was formed by the duo Justin Pointer and Tony Kim, who have both been friends since childhood and hail from the beautiful Orange County in California.

The band's retro-sounding music will literally transport you, at least in your imagination, back to a time in the ‘80s when electronic music was not only all the range in nightclubs across the country, but prominent in both science-fiction and horror film soundtracks of this great era as well. They take a lot of influence from some great metal bands like Pantera, Mötley Crüe, and Def Leppard, along with distinguished European musicians such as Daft Punk and Kavinsky.

“Get Out,” the opening track on their 2017 album B-Sides: Volume 1, doesn’t waste any time at all and begins with a tasteful synth backing along with some pounding guitars and drums that makes one think these guys just might be shooting at us with an M60 machine gun. Dance With The Dead revs this song’s engine and accelerates it at full speed into an epic guitar section. How much more is there to say here other than hell yeah?

The bridge of the track, if you want to call it that since it’s a very quick transition, is more of that sweet synth work that comes nicely complimented with some bouncing drums that keep us headbanging our way into a completely unhinged guitar solo of sorts. You can tell these guys probably know they’ve got a damn great track here and aren’t afraid of showing off a bit.

Bringing things full circle is the sick guitar section from earlier to close things off. We couldn’t help at times feel like this music was perhaps inspired by the soundtrack for Thunder Force IV, which was side-scrolling shooter video game for the Sega Genesis from the early ‘90s. Specifically, the track “Evil Destroyer” from that video game’s soundtrack, which you can listen to here.

Anyway, Dance With The Dead really seem to let their music do all the talking for them, considering they don’t even have their own personal website. However, you can follow them and find out where to buy their music on their SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. You might also be interested in checking out their most recently released album, titled Loved to Death, which just might be their most refined work yet!

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From small town to big city and back again, Jay was born and raised in Canada and has lived his whole life there. He’s always ready to cut down any misconceptions his American friends have of life in the great white north. He’s also no stranger to this kind of community, and has plenty of experience under his bed. He enjoys all kinds of horror entertainment, as long as it’s got the heart and soul to it. When he’s not doing something here, he can be found at his post at the night’s watch, or knee deep into his school studies.