Preview Rick Grimes’ Last Episode on The Walking Dead

All good things must come to an end, even if this isn’t what we asked for.

By Jay Gervais

While this isn’t what many fans wanted or even asked for, The Walking Dead is getting ready to wrap up the story of Rick Grimes this coming Sunday and we’ve got your preview of the episode right here.

We last left Rick getting thrown off of a horse, which is actually reminiscent to a similar scene in the pilot episode, and being impaled by a bar attached to a block of concrete while two herds of zombies quickly converge on him. It’s a tense moment and we see Rick pass out, leaving us feeling little hope for the show’s principal character, at least for the time being.

However, the preview for the next episode gives away the fact that Rick will survive this moment, finding his way back to the horse to make his escape. Rick, obviously seriously hurt at this point with a puncture wound on his lower left abdomen, then continues making his way to the bridge. However, with his strength dwindling, he moves along slowly and the herd continues to closely follow him from behind.

Judging from the preview, it would appear the episode contains flashbacks and places older Rick parallel to his younger self, such as when he awoke in the hospital and searched the facility from the pilot episode. In another scene from that episode, we see Rick making his way to Atlanta by horse with the addition of the herd following him from behind.

Back in June, as you may recall, we reported that Jon Bernthal would return as Shane Walsh for a single episode this season and we finally have a tease of what his cameo will be. Both Rick and Shane will share a scene together and are shown sweating it out in a police cruiser while looking at an overturned vehicle, along with another scene that shows a shot of Shane watching Rick arrive in what looks like Atlanta. While it’s anyone’s guess as to what these scenes will completely entail, they are sure to be relevant in some way to Rick’s arc. As fans know, we last saw Shane in one of Rick’s hallucinations back in season 3.

Needless to say, Rick Grimes’ last episode on The Walking Dead is sure to be a trip down memory lane and hopefully will be a befitting end for a character many of us have loyally followed since the show began eight years ago.

Tune in this Sunday at its usual time to see Rick’s last ride on The Walking Dead.

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