You Can Kill Sean Bean in Hitman 2

One does not simply kill Sean Bean.

By L.B. Lubomski

Sean Bean is a great actor that unfortunately has a penchant for dying in his movies time and time again. In fact, it has become something of a running gag on the internet. Although best known for performances such Boromir in The Lord of the Rings, Alec Trevelyan in GoldenEye, and Ned Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones, Bean has also starred in some ambitious horror films such as the 2007 remake of The Hitcher as well as both Silent Hill film adaptations.

Now, IO Interactive, the developers behind Hitman 2, are giving video gamers across the globe a chance to kill Bean themselves when the game launches next month.

Bean will be the game's first elusive target, a special timed assassination contract where players have only one chance to kill the target. Bean, as seen in the above trailer, is playing MI5 agent turned hitman Mark "The Undying" Faba, appropriately nicknamed due to faking his death time and time again in increasingly ridiculous manners, obviously a play on his many on-screen deaths. 2016's Hitman had a similar cameo for its first elusive target with actor Gary Busey assigned as the prey.

Hitman 2 will release on November 13th with the first elusive target challenge featuring Bean arriving the following week on November 20th. Will you kill The Undying or will he elude death once again?

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L.B. Lubomski

Lawrence "L.B." Lubomski is an avid horror movie fan, gamer, musician, historian, and aspiring author. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, L.B. was exposed to the works of local filmmaker and godfather of zombie cinema George A. Romero early on. He has since developed a particular fondness for Italian zombie/cannibal and slasher films. This passion for horror extends into other media, from survival horror video games such as Resident Evil to horror-inspired musical artists. In his spare time, L.B. pursues many interests including building his collection of vinyl records, action figures, and vintage video games as well as drumming in various local bands.