How The Goldbergs Brought Robert Englund Out of Retirement to Play Freddy Krueger Once More

Adam F. Goldberg is A Nightmare on Elm Street super-fan, for starters.

By Chris Morse

Ahead of the upcoming Halloween episode of The Goldbergs that features a guest appearance of Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, series creator Adam F. Goldberg wanted fans to know just how big of a fan he is of the infamous dream slasher and A Nightmare on Elm Street as a whole.

Getting Englund to appear on the series has been a dream, or nightmare, of his for the past four years, but it’s now happening and there is a ton of excitement for this special episode. Goldberg recently spoke out about what it was like to finally get Englund to agree to play the part once more and why this moment is so special to him. You can read his full comments below.

Convincing Robert Englund to come out of retirement to play Freddy Krueger one last time is a true bucket-list moment for me as a writer. I’ve been a longtime obsessive fan, collecting Freddy artwork and action figures. It took me months to convince Robert to revisit the character. Luckily, his manager Joe Rice is a big Goldbergs fan and helped me convince Robert that the world needed to see Freddy one last time.

The moment Robert read the scene, I envisioned he recognized that I was a true fan who knew the voice of Freddy. On our first call when we went over the script, I told him, "Of course I knew how to write lines for Freddy. He traumatized me as a child and is burned into my brain!"

Watching Robert spend four hours getting back into makeup and bringing our script to life was a true dream and by far a highlight of the show for our cast and crew. The story in this episode is actually true — after I saw Elm Street 3, I didn’t sleep for a week and my mom was beside herself and desperate to fix the problem.

Based on the above comments, it sounds like The Goldberg’s incarnation of Freddy will remain as true to the character as fans could ask for.

This is something that you won’t want to miss, considering the fact that this might be the last time fans get to see Englund donning his infamous make-up, hat, sweater, and glove to turn our dreams into terrifying nightmares once more. He last played the part back in 2003 for Freddy vs. Jason.

Fans won’t have to wait long to see this happen, either. This Halloween special will air next Wednesday night. You can read the full description of the episode below.

Despite Beverly’s wishes, Jackie’s parents allow Adam to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street and a disagreement between the families ensues. But Beverly dreams of facing off with horror icon Freddy Krueger (guest star Robert Englund), which teaches her an important lesson about her son’s relationship with Jackie. Meanwhile, Erica realizes she’s not as popular as she once was as she starts hanging out at William Penn Academy despite the fact she’s no longer a student there.

This special Halloween episode of The Goldbergs, titled “Mister Knifey Hands,” will air on ABC next week on Wednesday, October 24th at 8 PM eastern time.

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