Andrew Lincoln Wants to Return to The Walking Dead as a Guest Director

The exiting lead actor is already thinking about his return, only in a slightly different capacity.

By Chris Morse

We haven't even reached the premiere of Rick Grimes' final season but exiting lead actor Andrew Lincoln is already eyeing his return to the series. No, his return won't be to don the sheriff hat once again, but rather to be on the other side of the camera directing an episode of The Walking Dead. The actor spoke to EW and revealed his plans to return to Senoia, Georgia to watch the other directors work with the intention of returning to make his own directorial debut in the tenth season.

“I’m going back. I’m going back to shadow a director, and my intention is to direct next year.”

This is certainly interesting but not totally unprecedented considering that actor Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham, took a similar path following the death of his character on the show. He made a return to learn a little bit from the other series directors and got behind the camera for his own episode, which is set to air as this season's 7th episode. It would appear the Lincoln is taking the same approach as he seeks to do something new on the series that has defined his career.

Granted, he will have to spend some time away from his family to pull this off, but we imagine that that role will be far less of a commitment than the role of Rick Grimes. In that regard, it makes perfect sense for him to still be involved in the series in some capacity and reunite with his Walking Dead family in a special way that could open up the door for him to do even bigger things in the industry.

The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season on Sunday, October 7th.

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