Dead Beats: "You Cannot Kill the Boogeyman" by Deathlike Silence

Every time you do it, he comes back knife in hand.

By M.T. Bates

Fall is upon us, which means that Halloween draws near. You can’t have Halloween without The Shape and everyone knows you can’t kill the boogeyman, but did you know that there was a song written about it? Well, now you do! From their 2005 debut album “Vigor Mortis,” Finnish melodic metal band Deathlike Silence is all about the somber, dark, and gothic imagery of horror in their songs, rather than the visceral and overly blunt type of horror you get from other bands like Rob Zombie and Revolting.

“You Cannot kill the Boogeyman” pretty much tells the story of Halloween in song form and it is pretty catchy, despite some of the lyrics being a little corny. However, that much is forgivable on the lyrical front since English isn’t their native language.

The main riff will instantly draw you in, as it is a slower pace when moving through the verses and stays that way until the chorus. What really makes the song and the band special is the booming nature of Ms. Maya’s vocals. She has a bold voice that was really able to project a powerful presence for the band. The nature of the material they sing about fits her voice perfectly and truly helps elevate the music and this band to some awesome levels.

On the technical side, this band doesn’t do anything special, but their riffs and lyrics are extremely catchy. As we approach Halloween, this is the perfect band to have on rotation. Their 2009 follow-up album, “Saturday Night Evil,” is equally as impressive as their debut effort, and even offers some heavier songs and riffs like in “Dagon” and “Troops of Armageddon.”

Sadly, though, nothing new has been released by the band since 2012. They had claimed they were working on material for a new album but nothing ever came of it, so it is safe to say they are probably done for good. That, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into their two albums. Start here!

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