Dead Beats: "Sheetar the Bloodqueen" by Revolting

We need more songs about the movie Blood Diner.

By M.T. Bates

If there was one thing I have always said, it’s that we need more songs about Blood Diner. Okay, maybe I didn’t really say it, but I definitely thought it. Well, wouldn’t you know it? A song about the classic 80’s horror comedy does exist.

Revolting is a Swedish heavy death metal band that focuses on horror and gore-themed songs, and one of my favorites is definitely "Sheetar the Bloodqueen." It’s a guttural and visceral interpretation of Blood Diner, which means the lyrics are just as silly as the movie, but it is satisfying nonetheless. Don’t expect catchy riffs or lyrics like other horror-themed bands, Revolting is brutal to the core, but they should definitely be on the radar of any hardcore horror fan.

"Sheetar the Bloodqueen" can be found on their 2009 debut album, Dreadful Pleasures, with other tracks like "Tenafly Viper" (Street Trash reference), "Terror Has No Shape" (The Blob), and "Moonshine Mutation" (The Hills Have Eyes), rounding out this excellent first album. 

What you’ll notice about all of their songs is that they just go with it. As I said previously, they aren’t out to make catchy riffs, but rather blend in horror storytelling with a fashion of pure brutality. With 6 albums behind them now, this death metal band is still active and putting out some of the best interpretations of horror metal you will ever find. If you like what you hear, definitely seek out more of their music.

Their 2 latest albums Visages of the Unspeakable and Monolith of Madness are both available on, and you might also be able to snag one or two of their albums on Amazon. What's your favorite horror-themed band to rock out to? Sound off below!

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