Dead Beats: He’s Back and He is Alice Cooper Dressed as Jason Voorhees, Nice

Revisiting the man behind the mask in an AWESOME way.

By Joe Antonucci

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma. A sound any self-respecting horror fan would know. Jason Voorhees, one of the pillars of terror, reigning since the original film’s release on May 9th, 1980, was given his own theme song back in 1986. The song He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) was the theme song for Voorhees’ sixth installment, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Combine the terror and classic horror of Jason Voorhees and the all-around phenomenal act that is Alice Cooper, add in a few codpieces, cages and terrified high school kids, and you get the ultimate 80’s horror tribute music video – and it is phenomenal.

Don’t let the description fool you. Alice Cooper is Alice Cooper. Codpieces and riding crops are part of the act. Introduce Jason Voorhees swinging through a movie screen on a rope and terrorizing the whole theater (loved it) and you have gold. Pure, unrated, gold.

This video follows a dumb high school student (he couldn’t use the car because he got D’s on his report card, standard) as he goes on a date to the movies. Fast forward a bit and he finds himself, and his date, locked up in a cage by Alice Cooper (after the Jason rope-swinging scene). Cooper continues to wreak havoc on the kids for the duration of the video as classic scenes from Friday the 13th are spliced in and the conclusion is amazing. It turns out that the dumb high school kid’s name is... JASON, and his dad who wouldn’t let him use the car...? ALICE FUCKING COOPER.


Nothing about this music video can be classified as anything less than AWESOME. From all of us here at Dead Entertainment, please enjoy the song, the video and, most of all, have an absolutely fucking terrifying Friday the 13th!

About the Author

Joe Antonucci

Joe’s love for “terrible” B-horror/sci-fi films started way back when he was young. When he isn’t watching the classics like Chopping Mall, Ice Spiders, or Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf, he spends his time gaming, playing with his Yorkie-Poo, and traveling with his wife. Joe always tackles life in the way that a grizzly bear, his favorite animal, would: with a loud roar, a raging charge, and a good night’s sleep.