Change is Coming to Fear the Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman discusses what's in store for the new season and beyond.

By Chris Morse

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman tells Entertainment Weekly that major changes are coming to AMC's companion spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead. The show is entering its fourth season in April and already made waves with the announcement that Lennie James is joining the cast with his character Morgan Jones crossing over from the original series. According to Kirkman, such a move has been planned since the beginning, though it wasn't decided that Morgan would be that character until more recently.

When we started Fear the Walking Dead, the original idea actually included some things that would eventually tie in with the other show. We wanted to give it a few seasons to find its sea legs, so to speak, and make sure that it stood on its own and provided its own experience. The goal was that eventually, once we had established that, we would find some kind of creative way to tie things in.

When Scott suggested moving Morgan over, it seemed like a really great idea and a really cool way to bring things in. I know the audience doesn’t really know exactly how that makes sense yet, or what’s actually coming of it. As the year progresses and you see exactly what it is, you’ll see that it’s going to be a really great story for Morgan that will give us a lot of cool insight into his character.

Kirkman felt that the faster pace and new elements from last season set the tone for ramping up to an even bigger shake-up for season 4. The addition of Morgan is going to give the characters a new dynamic, but the goal is to change the story in an interesting way that will keep things fresh.

I don’t want to spoil anything story-wise, but we are changing things a great deal. It’s going to be a much different show that is not going to alienate any viewers that have been enjoying the show from season 1 to 3, but will give those people new things to love, and new characters to latch onto. It’s really going to shake things up.

The next season of Fear the Walking Dead premieres on April 15th. Personally, I'm all for these changes. My interest in the show kind of fell off after the first two seasons, but it just might be worth catching up and getting back into it. The new approach and debut of Morgan just might be enough to get me interested again. Any Fear watchers here? Let us know your thoughts on the new season in the comments below.


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