Dead Beats: "The Munsters Theme" by Scum of the Earth

Heavy metal meets The Munsters in this horror cover crossover.

By M.T. Bates

Theme songs are created to be memorable and catchy, and over the years we have gotten our fair share of just amazing theme songs, especially when it comes to horror television shows like The Addams Family and Tales from the Crypt. The Munsters has an instantly recognizable theme that, let’s face it, might be one of the best theme songs of all time (sorry, Ducktales). The Munsters is such a beloved classic that it still holds up to this day and is an important part of the horror/monster industry as a whole, so it was about time that we got a proper metal cover of its theme song. Enter Scum of the Earth.

If you aren’t familiar with SOTE, they are a horror/industrial metal band formed in 2003 by former Rob Zombie guitarist, Mike Riggs (who also sings for the band). The band happens to be named after a Rob Zombie song as well. As that band's leading man went on to pursue a movie career, and as his later albums kind of lost his signature sound that the first few albums had, Riggs brought that sound and intensity into his own band. The band has 3 albums, with, I would think, another in the works as they just released a new single “Dance Motherfucker” on top of this amazing cover.

Their first album, Blah...Blah...Blah...Love Songs for the New Millennium, is one of the best examples of a breakout debut album, despite it never getting the recognition it deserved. Seek it out and you can thank me later. Perhaps we will review their albums at a later time, but right now we are just highlighting their cover of "The Munsters Theme" (and to a lesser degree, their new single).

The band put together a video featuring the song that you can watch above. I have probably done so around 30+ times since finding it a few days ago. Now we can finally headbang to The Munsters theme, which means all is right with the world. We've also got their new single for you to check out. Let us know what you think of the cover and the new single in the comments below!

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