Live Commentary: Krampus

Our livestream podcast commentary of Krampus.

By Chris Morse

Update: Stream is over! You can still check it out above. Thanks for hanging with us!

We've brought you our share of articles, news, interviews, and features so far, but our plans certainly do not end there! We pride ourselves on delivering great content and it's only natural for audio/video production to make its way to Dead Entertainment next. That said, we are proud to introduce you to the first of many shows we'll be premiering in this format. Hosted by Ray Morse and long-time friend/website contributor, Chris Wendland, welcome to our official Dead Entertainment podcast!

Once a month, our resident filmmakers will both be watching a movie and talking shop as it plays live, sometimes with other guests from the site staff and elsewhere. This will be a free-for-all for film discussion, review, needless analysis, and most certainly some heated debates to keep it interesting. Since we are smack in the middle of our Slash the Halls holiday event, we are kicking the show off with some holiday horror as we talk Krampus.

The podcast will be streamed live on our YouTube channel TONIGHT starting at approximately 8:30 PM eastern time. The movie will begin at 9:00, so grab your own copy of Krampus, load up on refreshments, and get ready to watch along as you listen to our live commentary. We will have other pre-recorded installments of the podcast uploaded in the future, but this is the first of our live monthly episodes.

We're going to be doing a lot more audio and video going forward, so be sure to subscribe to Dead Entertainment on YouTube and keep a look out for future events, giveaways, and programming. We will update this post when we go live. See you there!

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Chris Morse

Thanks to his friends and family, Chris grew up surrounded by plenty of horror movies and video games. From self-taught web design as a teenager to a formal education in computer science, he has always had a passion for web technologies and has channeled all of those interests into building this website platform. Chris opted to dive straight into horror with this project and is joined by some of those very same influential friends and family here on the staff. When not programming or gaming, you can find him heading to the midwest to cheer on his favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. Go Pack Go!

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