Capcom Announces Remake of Resident Evil 2 Remake with Classic Graphics and Gameplay

The studio reportedly changed its mind about modernizing the title and decided it was better off the old way after all.

By The Rotting Corpse

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Capcom Dev Team 1 is setting out to correct what it currently views as a big mistake, as the studio announced today it will be remaking the Resident Evil 2 remake to put it back the way it was, because the staff misses the original game too much. The reimagining hit stores in early 2019 and received a very positive reception among fans, but members of the development team were having doubts about the project which are now coming to light with news of this novel effort.

"We here at Capcom are incredibly proud of what we achieved with the Resident Evil 2 remake," game director Kazunori Kadoi said. "But at the end of the day, we couldn't stop thinking about how much we liked the original game and want to play that again. We know there is no room in this world for two versions of Resident Evil 2, so we have launched this new project to take the remake and turn it back to the way it was first created. All versions of the game will be updated to reflect these changes."

Based on this statement, it would appear Capcom plans to replace the current Resident Evil 2 remake with a remake that is functionally identical, in both graphics and gameplay, to the 1998 game it is based on. We asked why the team was taking this approach instead of hooking up an old console to get their fill and what happened to the source code for the original title.

"Well, as I understand it, we kind of saved over the original game when developing the remake, because we didn't think we needed it anymore," director Yasuhiro Anpo explained. "Creating a modern version of a beloved title seemed like a great endeavor, but we quickly had buyer's remorse, so to speak. We want the old version again so now we are remaking it back that way. We are very excited to present this game to the world again, as it was originally intended!"

At press time, executives at Capcom were mulling over putting another team on a modern remake of the classic-style remake of the Resident Evil 2 remake that Capcom Dev Team 1 was currently working on. The director of the 1998 version, Hideki Kamiya, was reported to be leading this new effort after being a longtime advocate of the first modern reimagining. When asked for comment about the state of these remakes and the franchise as a whole, he merely let out an exacerbated sigh.