Censorship Fail: China Replaces Nemesis' Flamethrower with Foam #1 Finger in Resident Evil 3 Remake

It's worth noting that this is a visual change only and the new accessory will still shoot flames like in the other versions.

By The Rotting Corpse

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Resident Evil 3’s iconic villain, Nemesis, is set to be as intense as he’s ever been in the upcoming video game remake from Capcom. Not only will the bio-organic weapon employ new tactics and methods to relentlessly pursue surviving S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine, he will also have at the ready an arsenal of new weapons to stop her at all costs, adding in a flamethrower on top of his trademark rocket launcher.

Unfortunately for players in the Chinese market, the government censorship board feels the game has crossed a line with its inclusion of a flamethrower. Since the title is only a few short months away from release and larger redesigns are now off the table due to time constraints, it has been determined that Capcom must replace the flamethrower model with a foam #1 finger such as those seen at sporting events. Officials believe this new design will send an overall more positive message to players.

“You may have heard about some changes we have to make to Nemesis for Chinese markets,” producer Matt Walker explained. “At this stage, we really have no choice but to comply and settle on an easy swap to a foam #1 finger as censors have demanded. There isn’t really any time to do more, but do realize that the new accessory will function the same way. Jill will still have to avoid its flames!”

When asked for clarification, the Capcom producer confirmed that the foam finger will still shoot fire at Jill, just like the flamethrower does in other versions of the title. It’s purely an aesthetic change to keep the weapon’s imagery from having adverse effects on impressionable gamers. The community is not impressed with this swap, as it does not make much sense considering it’s clear from the trailers that Nemesis is not a fan of Jill Valentine. It’s also worth noting that the bio-weapon’s rocket launcher remains unchanged and will still fire explosive missiles at our heroine.

At press time, Capcom studio employees were engaged in a heated debate over what color the foam finger should be for launch. With time running out, producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi was seen furiously throwing a chair across the conference room as another employee stormed out in tears. It is unknown at this time how the disagreement escalated to that point.