The Official Trailer for Netflix's You Season 2 Has Arrived

Will a new city and new name keep Joe’s past hidden?

By Michelle Kaotic

With less than two weeks to go until You Season 2 premieres on Netflix, the psychological thriller’s official trailer was released today. All week on the series’ Twitter account, we’ve met some of the upcoming cast via video clips, narrated by Penn Badgley, who portrays Joe, or in this season, Will Bettleheim. Take a look at the trailer embedded above.

In the trailer, we meet some of the individuals who Joe will be crossing paths with during this upcoming season. Backed by a haunting version of Radiohead’s "Creep" covered by Michelle Branch (how fitting), we hear Joe saying this is a new him and a new start. However, it doesn’t take long until the “new” Joe, now assuming the name Will, begins to act like his old self. Peering through his window with a telescope reminds us that the old Joe is still there, despite wanting a fresh new start in Los Angeles.

With flashbacks of the first season with Beck and the oh-too-familiar book vault in the basement of the bookstore, we just may see what actually happened to his former obsession this season. Fans of the show knew she met her demise, but not how. We also saw the return of Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace during last season’s cliffhanger finale. She has now followed him to LA and appears to be haunting him, which is bound to push him over the edge at some point.

Other imagery from the trailer shows Joe with bloody hands, what seems to be him behind cell bars, and him being confronted by his leading lady’s brother, who most fans, including yours truly, are already sure will result in him becoming one of Joe’s victims before long.

Before Season 2 has even premiered, rumors are circulating that a third season could be in the works after it was learned that the show has won a California tax credit of $7 million for a potential new season. While Netflix has not officially announced the renewal, many fans of the Caroline Kepnes-inspired series are already excited at this news.

You Season 2 will be premiering on Netflix on Thursday, December 26th. In preparation, you can stream the complete first season now on the streaming giant and stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for news and a full review after the premiere.

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