Did You Know a New Puppet Master Movie is Coming?

Blade the Iron Cross is the standalone spinoff fans have been clamoring for.

By M.T. Bates

Sometimes you don’t know if you should feel angry at yourself for not knowing about a movie being worked on. By complete chance, while looking something up, I came across a title of a new movie called Blade the Iron Cross, with a poster I wasn’t expecting.

I wondered how I could have missed this announcement, or the fact that it was only 2 months away from release. Then I wondered how many other people knew about this next Puppet Master film. I’d take a guess and say not many, so let’s change that.

I was a massive fan of Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, so clearly I am on board for another entry in the long-running Full Moon franchise, but this one is playing out a little differently. The synopsis taken from IMDb is as follows.


This wouldn’t be the first film in the franchise that goes back in time, but it will be the first that hones in one single puppet and its past. I also can’t say for sure, but I would assume that this movie is set in the same timeline as Littlest Reich. The movie sounds like more insanity and that genuinely has me giddy. The best part, however, is according to IMDB, Blade the Iron Cross drops on December 13th.

I’m pretty bummed that there hasn’t been any kind of marketing for this movie aside from a video or two on the Full Moon YouTube page, which don’t have many views. Hopefully, the studio does something to let people know this movie is coming out soon. It would be a shame if it went by unnoticed.

Did you know that this film was happening? Are you looking forward to it after Littlest Reich? Let us know down below or on social media. We are always checking out the comments.

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