Killing Floor 2 Celebrates Halloween Horrors with the Monster Masquerade

This event is neither a monster mash nor a graveyard smash.

By L.B. Lubomski

October is here and Halloween season is in full effect. This extends to multiplayer first-person survival shooter Killing Floor 2, which is fully embracing all things spooky in their latest free game update. Dubbed the Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade, the new update features a new map, new weapons, and Halloween-themed makeovers for all of the enemies.

Also in the works is a fun crossover with vehicular combat racing game Road Redemption, which will see Dr. Hans Volter and DJ Skully as racers in Road Redemption, while Killing Floor 2 players will get a baseball bat known as the Road Redeemer. This unique cross-over content will be available for all Steam players who own both games with the same items coming to console players later this year.

Tripwire Interactive is proud to announce the official launch of the largest update of 2018 for KILLING FLOOR 2 with today’s release of the KILLING FLOOR 2 – HALLOWEEN HORRORS: MONSTER MASQUERADE update. Launching today for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC via Steam, today’s free content update introduces the brand-new Monster Ball map, full Halloween makeovers for all zeds and bosses with all-new models, effects, and sounds. All this comes in addition to new weapons, limited-time items, matchmaking improvements, and more.

In addition, following the recent announcement that Tripwire Interactive will expand its role as a developer to include game publishing -- and its partnership with ROAD REDEMPTION developers EQ-Games and Pixel Dash Studios to bring the critically acclaimed action racer to consoles -- today’s update also connects the worlds of KILLING FLOOR 2and ROAD REDEMPTION for the very first time.

Players with both KILLING FLOOR 2 and ROAD REDEMPTION in their Steam library will get access to an exclusive in-game crossover! Starting today, KILLING FLOOR 2 players can look forward to wielding the Road Redeemer. Wrapped in barbed wire and best suited for the Berserker class in KILLILNG FLOOR 2, the Road Redeemer bat is a favored weapon of the road warriors of ROAD REDEMPTION.Also starting today, ROAD REDEMPTION players on Steam can also expect two new riders from the KILLING FLOOR 2 universe to join the fray: Hans Volter and DJ Skully. This exciting crossover will also be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players when ROAD REDEMPTION launches for console systems later this year. More information on the exact timing of the crossover availability for consoles will be coming soon!


  • New Map: Monster Ball
    • Test your mettle in this brand-new map with limited-time event objectives and rewards.
  • New Looks Halloween Makeover
    • Celebrate Halloween with a full makeover for all enemies and bosses with new models, visual effects, and sound effects.
  • New Tunes
    • Lend us your ears for new main menu tracks, action tracks, and trader time tracks.
  • New Weapons
    • MKB42 – Commando
    • HZ Medic Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher – Field Medic/Commando
    • FN-Fal – Sharpshooter / Commando
    • ROAD REDEMPTION Exclusive Weapon: The Road Redeemer
      • This chained bat for the Berserker class is available exclusively on Steam for players with ROAD REDEMPTION in their Steam library.

For full details on the updates and improvements coming with the KILLING FLOOR 2 – HALLOWEEN HORRORS: MONSTER MASQUERADE update, please head to the official Halloween microsite here.

Are you excited for the latest Halloween update for Killing Floor 2?

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