Trapped Creatures Just Waiting for Demon Slayer to Show Up

Their only escape is to either to get through him or die trying.

By The Rotting Corpse

The Rotting Corpse is a weekly satire column dedicated to poking fun at our many horror favorites. For daily horror news and updates, be sure to check out the Dead Entertainment home page.

MARS – Having no recollection of how they arrived at a research facility on Mars, various demons mysteriously trapped within locked rooms were trying to find ways to pass the time while they waited for the inevitable. They all knew the Demon Slayer was behind all of this, since nobody had ever dared to enter the realm of Hell except for this one crazed lunatic.

Nobody really knew much about him. This man has been visiting Hell for a very long time and always came heavily-armored and packed with an array of lethal weapons. Not one person had ever seen his face and lived to tell about it. He’s never spoken a word, but his insane actions have done all the talking for him.

It seemingly didn’t matter what kind of demon you were; the Demon Slayer didn’t care. It was all the same to him. He’s slaughtered thousands, urinated and defecated in the sacred fires of Hell, destroyed ancient ruins, and even banged the wife of the Devil himself right in front of him. He’s captured countless demons and, seeing how he’s never returned a single soul, everyone always assumed the worst. The Demon Slayer is truly a despicable person, even by Hell's standards.

Reality quickly sank in and left the mood in the rooms quite somber and relatively quiet. Making matters worse was the fact these rooms were dark and empty. There was literally nothing there to entertain the demons trapped within, even in the slightest. Several had tried opening the doors in various unimaginative ways, but nothing worked and the klaxon alarm sounding after each failed attempt was quite obnoxious. Eventually, all of the trapped demons just stopped trying to look for ways out. Their only hope was to just wait for this guy to show up, hopefully sooner rather than later, to save them from this dreadful existence. Unfortunately, they have all been waiting for quite some time now.

With an abundant amount of time on their hands, each demon had perfectly planned out how they intended to destroy the Demon Slayer, or at least escape his wrath. Despite this, morale was still very low and all of the creatures stuck in the locked rooms were certain they were going to die anyway. We were surprised none of them resorted to simply killing one another or taking their own lives after spending such a lengthy amount of time in isolation, as many studies back on Earth have shown might happen.

At press time, an eruption of gunfire and explosions was heard from the next room over. There was no question now, the Demon Slayer had finally come for them. As each of them put on their game face and hoped for the best, the doors finally opened.