Community Guidelines

No website is complete without a good community. Here at Dead Entertainment, we have a lot in common with you, the reader. We have a passion for horror and are here to share that through not only our content, but also through respectful, fun, and insightful discussion. With that in mind, the below Valere Media guidelines are in place to ensure we can stick to those goals and make this community a welcome place for everyone.

The Basics

1. Don't be toxic. This is the golden rule for all of our websites and encompasses many important values. Your comments, username, or any other interactions with the community should avoid being in spam, trolling, flaming, or other nasty territory. This includes any kind of harassment over anybody else's opinions, race, gender, orientation, and everything else that should be treated with respect. Personal attacks can make any community toxic and will not be tolerated here.

2. Avoid posting inappropriate content. As a member of this community, you are to avoid posting anything that falls under NSFW or illegal territory. This should go without saying, but any violations of this policy will result in the posts and accounts being removed. We take this very seriously.

3. Spoilers should be marked. Our content deals with a lot of new releases, so please give everyone a chance to enjoy their first watch/playthrough/read/etc. and always provide a spoiler warning ahead of time in these discussions. We consider anything within a year as a recent release, so mark your posts as such to be considerate to other users.

4. Keep your feedback constructive. We cover a lot of content here and some of it deals with opinions/coverage on wider issues within the genre as a whole. Some of these issues can be divisive, so we ask both our contributors and users to discuss these topics with respect, consideration, and honesty. Any comments found to be accusatory or an attack on the site, author, or any other user is a violation of our golden rule above. We will all disagree on many issues, as is our right, so we must do so in good taste that reflects positively on our website and community.

5, A few more things. With the big stuff out of the way, we offer the last few guidelines as follows: multiple/sock-puppet accounts are not allowed, there will be no advertising or solicitation for other sites or services, do not abuse the reporting system for comment moderation, try to keep comments on-topic and relevant to the current article, do not violate the privacy of any other user or staff member, and finally, don't be a toxic poster (again). With your help, we can keep this community a great place to catch up on and discuss all things horror.

Report a Violation

If you find any comment to be in violation of the above guidelines, please use the flag feature to report it to the moderation team. We are committed to staying on top of any problems within the community to ensure that it stays a welcome place for high-quality horror discussion. Note that we will not tolerate any abuse of the reporting system. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, feel free to contact us.