Trailer: Zombie Tidal Wave Needs No Introduction

This film looks like a surprisingly fun mix of blood, gore, and camp.

By Chris Morse

What do you get when you cross zombies with one of the most powerful forces of nature? A Zombie Tidal Wave, apparently, and that’s fine by us. From the director of the critically-acclaimed (!) Sharknado franchise, Anthony C. Ferrante, comes an epic follow-up with a horror twist. Naturally, Ian Ziering is back and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Premiering August 17th on SYFY, this film will probably make you think twice about heading to the beach for a swim, or anywhere close to the coast for that matter. All things considered, the trailer looks like a great time and throws back to an era of lower budget horror with plenty of blood and gore, which is an interesting way to change up the otherwise absurd fun you would expect from a film made by the folks who brought us Sharknado. It should be a blast.

In Zombie Tidal Wave, a sailor contends with an ocean-borne outbreak that threatens his seaside island community. Honestly, though, as the official trailer description states, does anyone really need to sell this movie any further? When you tune in for this one, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Starring is Ian Ziering, Erich Chikashi Linzbichler, Shelton Jolivette, Cheree Cassidy, Tatum Chiniquy, Angie Teodora Dick, Randy Charach, Eliza D'Souza, and Lincoln Bevers. Once again, you can tune in to SYFY on August 17th for the big premiere. Will you be watching?

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