Trailer: Original Ringu Director Returns for New Sequel, Sadako

Hideo Nakata has returned to deliver a bit of a modern spin on the terrifying Japanese horror classic.

By Chris Morse

A new installment of The Ring franchise, titled Sadako, has arrived in Japan courtesy of original Ringu director Hideo Nakata and a new trailer helps introduce the film to international audiences ahead of its upcoming premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival, which runs through the end of this month. Nakata directed the first film as well as Ringu 2 after Rasen, which was an adaptation of Koji Suzuki's second book, Spiral, failed to gain popularity. The new film continues this timeline.

Based on the trailer, Sadako seems to possess a few modern elements, calling back to the found-footage genre and YouTube influencer culture as a whole, of course mixing in many of the classic elements that made the franchise so popular to begin with. Either way, the story of Sadako Yamamura, known as Samara Morgan in the American adaptations, takes center stage.

The film follows a young girl with amnesia and telekinetic powers who is admitted to the psychiatric wing of a Tokyo hospital. Raised in secrecy, she survives a fire started by her mother, who believed she was the reincarnated Sadako. The girl grows close to psychologist Mayu Akikawa, whose brother, Kazuma, is a producer of online videos who attempts to broadcast an excursion into the ruin's of the girls house before his sudden disappearance. Mayu sets out in search for answers.

Sadako is out now in Japanese theaters, but will premiere abroad at the Fantasia Film Festival running through the end of July. For all the latest news and updates on this film and The Ring franchise as a whole, be sure to follow Dead Entertainment.

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