Trailer: Extreme Difficulty Mode Added in Six Skulls Update for World War Z

Preview the title's latest free downloadable content update before giving it a try yourself.

By L.B. Lubomski

The latest update for Saber Interactive’s World War Z video game has gone live. Known as the “Six Skulls” update, this free downloadable content addition includes a new Extreme Difficulty mode in addition to two new unlockable weapons.

Check out the official trailer above and the description of this newest update below. You can also click here for the full detailed list of the patch notes, including bug fixes and other changes.

We’ve released the free "Six Skulls" update for World War Z for PS4, Xbox One, and PC! This latest content pack introduces the new six-skull extreme difficulty setting for all chapters released so far. More than ever, these challenges demand careful resource conservation, a strategy to cover every corner and truly skilled trigger fingers, with unique rewards available for those brave enough to take them on.

The “Six Skulls” update follows the recent addition of “The Undead Sea” patch, which opened up a totally new mission aboard an undead-infested ferry in Tokyo, as well as a terrifying new zombie type to battle. In the near future, the team plans to release “The Big Update”, free DLC which will feature a new weekly challenge mode, as well as a number of weapon variants, character skins and accessories.

  • Added new 6 skulls difficulty mode.
  • Added Wakizashi melee weapon for completing any level on the new difficulty mode.
  • Added unique Sniper Rifle variant for completing all levels on the new difficulty mode.
  • Ammo crates now have limited ammo available based on difficulty level. The amount of ammunition drained from the ammo crate depends on the weapon and how much ammo the player has left. On average, the distribution is:
    • Easy – unlimited refills.
    • Normal – unlimited refills.
    • Hard – 12 full refills.
    • Insane – 6 full refills.
    • Extreme – 6 full refills.

As mentioned above, players can next expect “The Big Update” sometime in August, which will include a new weekly challenge mode, new weapons and weapon variants, new characters skins, and new character accessories. World War Z was quite the surprise hit, being a genuinely fun cooperative experience with the game having already sold over two million copies since release.

World War Z is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (exclusively through the Epic Games Store).

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