Meir Zarchi’s Sequel to Original I Spit on Your Grave Gets Official Trailer

The director behind the controversial 1978 film brushes aside the remakes with his own original sequel effort.

By Chris Morse

First known as Day of the Woman, The original I Spit on Your Grave made waves back in 1978 after making something of a controversial debut in the horror genre, which was at the time filled with terrors that weren’t nearly as grounded in real-life horrors. The film is best described as a rape-revenge film that immediately turned heads for its uncomfortable, brutal depiction of one of the most inhumane acts that can be committed. The spin on it is that it led to a satisfying third act that had you cheering for the victim as she enacted a brutal revenge upon her assaulters.

Now, original director Meir Zarchi has returned with a sequel to his original film, titled I Spit on your Grave: Deja Vu, which sees Camille Keaton returning to reprise her role of Jennifer Hills forty years later. The film this time has her and her daughter, played by Jamie Bernadette, kidnapped by relatives of the original attackers as revenge for her being vindicated of her own vengeance-driven killings. Check out the official trailer for the film above.

The film saw a modern remake in 2010, which received its own handful of sequels, all of which will be ignored in the wake of the original director returning to make his own follow-up. When all is said and done, this will be considered the only canonical sequel to Zarchi’s 1978 work.

I Spit on your Grave: Deja Vu will see a Blu-ray and DVD release on April 23rd.

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